Saturday, February 18, 2012

Installation of UniversalIndentGUI failed

If you ever want to pretty-print or beautify your source code files in Notepad++, you might have heard about UniversalIndentGUI (UIGUI) plugin for Notepad++ (Npp).  However, when you tried to install this plugin for Npp via the Plugin Manager, you might have gotten the following error:

Installation of UniversalIndentGUI failed

There is an active ticket at UniversalIndentGUI issues list, which has been opened for 16 moths with a single comment made about 7 weeks ago. I could not find any help related to how you could resolve this error.  I also could not find much reference to this plugin either from the UniversalIndentGUI page nor from Notepad++ Plugins List.  So I have downloaded the latest release of UIGUI to see if I could manually install it as a plugin for Npp, but disappointed to find out that it is not a plugin anymore but a stand-alone Windows application.


It works pretty good as a Windows application and has support for lot of languages as you can see from the above screenshot taken from the UIGUI’s home page.  However, I could not search nor could I edit the file as easily as I could in Npp, so it would really be nice if I could get it to work as a plugin.

The last known version of UIGUI plugin for 1.0.2. which is what Npp uses to install when you try to install this plugin via Plugin Manager.  This info is in the file PluginManagerPlugins.xml, which is typically located in your profile directory on Windows 7.  That is in the following directory:


If you can’t find it there, then bring up the Plugin Manager dialog and click on the Settings button at the bottom.  In the Plugin Manager Settings dialog, you should be able to see the Config path setting being used by your install of Npp.

Open the PluginManagerPlugins.xml and locate the UIGUI section and you should see something similar to the following:


Note: I had to use the XML Tools for Notepad++ to format this file. XML Tools for Notepad++ is another Npp plugin that gives you lot of XML tools including pretty-printing XML files.  I was able to install this using the Plugin Manager.

If you try to download the plugin zip file referenced in this config file, you get redirected to, which is the home location of UIGUI files.  From here, you would want to go to uigui folder and then to UniversalIndentGUI_1.0.2 folder, and from there, you want to download the file.  Or you might want to just use the following URL to download the plugin zip file:

After downloading the zip and extracting it to a some temp directory on your system, as per the XML snippet, move/copy the files as shown above. $NPPDIR$ is typically “C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++” and $PLUGINDIR$" is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins”.  Restart Npp and you should see UIGUI listed under the Plugins menu.  You should now be able to indent/format/pretty-print a wide-variety of source code files right inside Npp.

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sasi said...

thank you for the post... helped me..and needed to provide the folder to run change its permissions to run flawlessly... thanks a lot

Eaglesight said...

Well done Sonny, I'm glad someone figured it out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

wow thank you for your efforts!

unfortunately it doesnt work for me :(

I have, downloaded the files, extract it and then copied to the plugins folder of notepad++.

Do you have any idea?