Friday, November 21, 2008

Parser Error Message: Access to the path ... (ASP.NET)

I have been working on an ASP.NET page and all of a sudden, I was getting Parse Error on this page as shown below:

All I did was modify the code in the page and plus I could build the page in Visual Studio 2008 with out any errors. I could also build the entire web site with out any errors, but I was still getting the error.

I compared the file with the previous version and I do not see any special characters or anything like that. I even tried removing the using statements and putting them back again thinking there may be some hidden character on the first line, but still did not help.

I finally, made a copy of that file and got the previous version from the Source Control and then the error is gone. I then deleted the previous version and renamed the file (that was giving the problem) to its original name and the error is still gone.

Bottom line, I do not know what caused it and neither do I know how doing what I just did fixed the problem, but thought putting it here would might come handy for anyone that run into this issue.

After I did this, I also found this blog post and the author of this post had to reset the permissions of the file that was causing this error.

Have fun coding.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Using AJAX 3.5 toolkit with latest version of SharpForge 0.5.14b

I just installed the SharpForge version 0.5.14b on my system that has .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 + Visual Studio SP1. That is, I have AJAX toolkit version 3.5 running and when I browse to the SharpForge web page, I am getting the following error from web.config:

I tried changing the version # for System.Web.Extensions to everywhere it is referenced in the web.config but I am still getting this version error for other user controls in the app. I searched on the SharpForge site and all it indicated is that you would have to install AJAX 1.1 toolkit and I do not want to install the older version of AJAX along with the latest version.
I finally found few pages on the web that talk about how you can run old web sites that are built using AJAX 1.1 toolkit with the latest version with out having to install the older AJAX toolkit. You basically tell the app to use 3.5 version of System.Web.Extensions every time it needs the older version of System.Web.Extension using runtime section.
Here is a blog post that talks about it:
HOWTO: Running ASP.NET 2.0 Ajax Toolkit 1.0.x in .NET 3.5 / SP1 IIS

I spent quite a bit of time chasing this issue and I hope other people find this solution sooner.